B2ST “Good Luck” MV гарлаа!!!!!!!


Хүсэн хүлээсэн мөч ирлээ!!!!

About Uugan104Jun

Head Administrator of B2STAR.... Cube Family shipper... Pure B2UTY .... Hardcore Jester

5 thoughts on “B2ST “Good Luck” MV гарлаа!!!!!!!

  1. Fany&Kikwang says:

    Tiiimee eniig l huleej blaa yostoi go bease. Love love beast

  2. Jaki says:

    Esto goe…

  3. tseegi b2st says:

    beast is the best

  4. zuka says:

    Beast beast beast i love beast mash ih buur mash ih taalagdlaa yes i love beast

  5. teegi dhjykd says:

    good luck

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